Viga Nasution
Softball Athlete

Viga currently works in a Jakarta based Television channel. Her passion for sports started early and she was a Softball athlete for twenty years. She was the Captain for the DKI Softball team when they won gold in PON 2008 despite the fact that she grew up in Bandung, Jawa Barat. 

After retiring from playing Softball, Viga decided to try on other sports and she quickly decided to focus on Marathon. She started running in January 2011 participating in the 10K Singapore Sundown Marathon. She also participated and finished the 21K Run 350 Singapore 2012, Bintan Triathlon 2012, and 21K Bali Marathon 2013. 

Viga went to New York in 2012 to join the New York Marathon and even though the event was cancelled due to Sandy Hurricane, she ran anyway with other fellow runners to pay respect to the victims of the hurricane and for charity. She recently participated in 40th Berlin Marathon 2013.

Viga loves iced lemon tea and Indonesian chicken noodle but not as much as she loves her family and great conversations with her close friends.