Melissa Karim
Professional Entertainer

Melissa Karim is an avid, dedicated, self-motivated, competitive, and religious runner. Haha! Maybe someday but for now she enjoys running out door mostly, to feel liberated, to get the chi moving, and to live vibrantly alive. She has been running from her incredibly-fat-days to her not-so-fat-nowadays. She is a yogi, as well as a foodie, and at home she is the master of running around after her toddler, Jazz. Melissa is grateful to be a part of TheASIKS, without her sole-sisters, there is no way she could’ve completed four laps of Central Park in 2012 Run Anyway Ney York Marathon and the 2013 Berlin Marathon.
Despite the fact that running is an individual exercise, what attracts her the most to marathon is the relationship. Relationships among stranger runners, among fellow runners of BUB, and most importantly among her sole-sisters, TheASIKS. Surround yourself with sports enthusiasts, enjoy the good energy and you will breathe better. Namaste.

Oh I almost forgot the boring facts we can find on Google. Melissa is a professional entertainer, she does TV hosting, events MC-ing, films scriptwriting, a writer in general, she’s an occasional actor, she’s a Taurean, she loves rainbows and believes in unicorn.