Esther Parapak
Member of the ASIKs women's running group

Esther Parapak began routinely running after a hip injury required her to walk on the treadmill every day for some time. Walking turned into running on the treadmill and treadmill running continued to road running. Amidst working as a full time employee, managing a household, baking and taking care of two kids, running has now become a routine activity for her as well as her husband, Nino Krisnan. Esther is a member of the ASIKs women's running group and with her ASIKs team mates Esther has completed the Run 350 Half Marathon in Singapore in April 2012, participated in the Run Anyway unofficial New York Marathon 2012, the Bali Half Marathon 2013 as well as the 40th Berlin Marathon in September 2013.