Berlari Untuk Kedamaian
2013-04-18 00:21:27

By: Sandiaga S. Uno
Berlari Untuk Berbagi community

Feeling devastated, that tragedy has made the efforts to glue the peace on earth is getting complicated. Feeling mixed that cannot be described in words, prayers sent; hopefully the victims got love from God. I hope that this abomination wil never get recorded again in history.

No mercy, even if not represented, the word has pinned fury in everyone’s heart as the sensible human tragedy that happened in Boston, United States, Monday, Tuesday (16/4) at Indonesian time. Boston Marathon itself was first planned to be one of the agenda that I wanted to attend for charity: berlari untuk berbagi.

However, because of other activities, the agenda was canceled. There was my gratitude sneaking for being rescued by The Creator. But sad as well to know the mourning perching stronger, especially if you remember that the runners and visitors who attended to be supporters, they all had come for peace.

My heart wonders, why is this still happening? It seems absurd when it eventually happens. Boston bombing victims were innocent, who did not understand anything about politics or the things that underlie the tragedy.

They are supporters trying to encourage the runners that almost reach the finish. Without having the perspective of race, religion, or economic status, the dignity of human race has been closer to the greatness.

The terror has tarnished the sincere intentions of humanity. Denial of human nature, because when the middle border of compassion is actualized, abomination is on the lurk. Universality of goodness being fought has been challenged by antithesis called hatred.

Whatever the reason, there’s nothing to be justified. It’s clear that the perpetrators of violence amid spreading the message that must be resisted because they have been spreading terror, fear and hatred. The negative energy that keeps on spreading the anger erases peace.

Don’t we want peace? Hope it increasingly assertive as our world, as it is said by Thomas L Friedman, it has become flat, with no boundaries. The world we live in, have increasingly become crowded and hot. Not just the high carbon emissions and deforestations, terror bombings as the lighter, the heat of this small planet is getting on a higher rank. Not to mention the number of people who fill it.

In 2007, the United Nations Population Division report and taking into calculation that in 2050, the earth will be resided by estimatedly 9.2 billion people. Thoraya Ahmed Obaid predicted that by 2030, it is estimated that about 500 thousand small towns to global human habitation. The consequence will be an increase in the consumption of energy resources, food and water as well as the migration of people between cities and between countries.

Thoraya also claimed that indeed it was a very scary issue.

Friedman mentioned that energy poverty is currently occuring. There is a gap between all parts of the world electric energy and power shortage. This condition is called the energy-climate era. That Friedman predicted in his book entitled: "Hot, Flat and Crowded."

Jean Baudrillard even warned that terror is increasingly no demographic boundaries. The effect is widespread because of television and media communication-information as catalyst disseminator. They, the terrorists, adopt the ideology that justifies the use of violence, terror effect (fear), for the purposes of economy, ideology and religion that have been mistakenly understood.


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Terrorism simply born into a world filled with injustice where terror into methods of resistance and angry expression of the weak against the strong or vice versa, when the strong oppress the weak.

However, the movement against terrorism should ideally not be done with the terror behind. Although there is no peace without adage sword a fair hand, a shared desire for peace will be a great social force, urging all barriers, anti- peace forces.

Related to the efforts to solve the tragedy Boston, U.S. President Barack Obama himself asserted they they will soon unveil and catch the culprit. According to him, the FBI agent who was at the forefront of saving the victims, named the world against the evil of terrorism is a true American nation with confidence, compassionately and fearless. A new challenge in the superpower country is that they have just agreed about program against violence and murder such as the tragedy of Sandy Hook.

I think the real man will have that sense of of generosity, caring and with a high passion to serve others. Therefore, various peace movements that grow on various social groups in almost all countries to be dovetailed. Become a global movement, the peace movement can be done in simple ways, but done together, work together and supporting each other. Another movement which is not less important is to strengthen the social pillar independent community, prosperous and just. This is also the role of social entrepreneurship to spearhead the movement.
Ourselves, own a program Berlari Untuk Berbagi. Donations delivered to various foundations and communities to empower social communities. We have been helping thousands of families ever since; access to education, social and health began to be achieved easily. So even for economic independence, venture capital support really makes a lot of families defenseless.

In the long-term effort, the transformation of cultural values ??between generations, peace education is another solution. The younger generation will be the pillars of motion in the future. Spirit of peace which is used as the value of the daily life will make them active agents of peace and global.

Reformulating the concept of theology, it has become an important religious role for religionists. They are the most responsible ones to spread the ideas of peace, sit together, develop a dialogue and reinforce religious paradigm as a propagator of peace.

If the pillars of social institutions that have all been strengthened the preventive efforts to make the planet safe and peaceful will be getting closer to reality. Let us join hands, not only limited to local movement, but with the entire global community. If the momentum had to be made ??, let's run for peace.