Paris Marathon 2013
2013-04-10 00:20:05

Paris Marathon 7 April 2013. Among 38 thousand participants in the race, 8 BUB runners who ran on behalf of Indonesia in that prestigious Marathon successfully reached the finish. They managed to finish the race with social spirit that they have brought and also with the supporting crowd that kept on yelling the positive shout outs for Indonesia towards the finish. Travel time was also pretty good.

Benny Hadisurjo took 4:31:28, Bambang Adhi took 4:58:20, Arlan Lukman took 5:01:55 , Shinta Arlan took 5:03:36, Nina Kurniasari took 5:13:05, Fakrol 5 : 20:53 and Fazil Alfitri 5:41:40, and Indra Supriadi took time 5:57:07.

In celebrating Paris Marathon supported by the Indonesian KBRI of Paris for Indonesian Runners led by Indra Supriadi who also promoted Indonesian tourism and conduct community meetings there. The runners make sharing session with the local communities, especially Indonesian students who have been studying there that participation to join Paris Marathon was to impart the spirit of social awareness through program Berlari Untuk Berbagi.