Bosowa 10K 2013
2013-02-27 00:06:47

In this very chance, Berlari untuk Berbagi get to see the city of Makassar in order to enliven the event Bosowa 10K 2013. The event was attended by more than 2000 participants who came from various cities in Indonesia up from abroad. Berlari Untuk Berbagi’s team took 30 runners participated in this event, they ran as far as 10 kilometers to raise funds which the results will be used to support the "Green Urban Living" which is run by Bosowa Foundation. This Green Urban living program is targeting four coastal fishing villages in the city of Makassar, South Sulawesi, with a population of more than 33,000 inhabitants. Berlari Untuk Berbagi hope, this movement can serve as a model of community empowerment not only in the form of infrastructure improvements, but improvements holistically at the economic, social, cultural and health course towards a prosperous family. Because we believe that each drop of sweats that we've put out of running, has given a million hope for our brothers and sisters in need.


Berlari Untuk Berbagi runners