The Learning Farm Run 2012
2013-02-13 23:56:41

At the event Paris and Bali Marathon in July 2012, Berlari Untuk Berbagi has successfully managed to collect donations which contributed 45% of the total funds received in 2012 and is the highest unit value donation ever received by the Learning Farm.

Values ??obtained from charitable programs Berlari Untuk Berbagi, which is equivalent to the cost of living for 1 person studying at a university in the U.S., will be used to finance the full 6 student learning in the learning cycle every 4 months in the Learning Farm, from 3 September 2012 up to May 2016. The value will be able to finance as much as approximately 70 students completely up to 4 years. For it as an appreciation of Learning Farm, the team of runners Berlari Untuk Berbagi invited to run in base camp of The Learning Farm, a tea plantation Maleber on November 24, 2012.