New York City Marathon 2012 And Hurricane Sandy
2012-12-03 02:37:39

By: Teguh Ananta (Tatong)

Sandy storm that knocked down the U.S. has caused all flights to be delayed for a few days there. However, after working hard to get there, the runner team of BUB could finally arrive in New York. But unfortunately, we were shocked to hear that the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg decided to cancel NY Marathon 2012. The whole team was remarkably disappointed, especially because they all have got the race packs and no start. But luckily that sense of disappointment wasn’t strong enough to break up our spirit and discouraged us. After a long discussion, the group then agreed to keep running at Central Park carrying around Indonesia’s flag for several reasons.

The first was that we were all there on behalf of Indonesia to do the campaign of Wonderful Indonesia.

The second is to show solidarity the victims of Hurricane Sandy especially Indonesian citizens living in the vicinity of New York. The third was to commit to keep on running for donation.

Alhamdulillah the runners who committed to run 42km for donations could finally completed well. Emerging sense of awe in which the non-NY residents do support on all runners from around the world with by helping to supply foods and drinks.

The pride has become obvious when many people there tried to say a few words in Bahasa. All the disappoinments were gone as we perceived the duty as the ambassador of Indonesia. And we made it.

Pride turns into emotion after we completed our promise to run 42km to donate to a foundation that we already commited to help.

Hopefully this little effort will keep rolling and Indonesia will be more recognized for its kindness.

I'm proud to be Indonesian.