Running To Raise Donation
2012-04-22 02:31:05

by Mr. Sandiaga Uno - Koran Tempo, Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sports and charity can be done simultaneously. Sandiaga S. Uno the entrepreneur has proven that. He ran his penchant for making social fundraising. The trick, every mile he ran in the annual race The Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon in December two years ago, worth IDR 10 million. At every kilometer Sandi ran, he invites people who are able to donate USD 10 million to the foundation designated by the donor.

"Then I doubled the donations from friends to give to any charity they appoint themselves,” said Sandiaga to Tempo. Last Friday. Source of funds to double their money comes from private donations. Maybe in the future there are friends who want to join to participate doubled," he said.

The result, in -2009, collected IDR 420 million from donors, such as TP Rachmat and Erick Tohir. That number more than doubled to IDR 840 million after duplicated by Sandiaga, and donated to 24 foundations. As a token of appreciation from Sandi to donors participating, names and their foundations aired in

Sandi admitted that he gets tremendous satisfaction when crossing the finish line. "The sweat, limpness and exhaustion that I feel are not wasted,” he said. In the race that was held by Standard Chartered Bank in collaboration with community Jakarta Free Spirit, 7 November 2010, it was worth every mile up to IDR 25 million.

As a result, the funds raised more than IDR 1 billion from 11 donors, namely Panji (Provident Agro, 2 km), Victor Fungkong (Global Kalimantan Makmur, 1 km), TP Rachmat (PK A Rachmat 1 km), Julieta Glasmacher (Siemens Indonesia, 1 km), Dwi Wahyu Daryoto (PWC, 3 km), Husni Heron (Anugerah Sejahtera rides, 4 km), Ir. Dudung (Duta Graha, 1 km), Her winsome Tjahyana (LOTOS Indonesian island, 1 km), Herman Setiabudi (Tower Bersama Group, 2 km), John Ramos (Berau Coal, 3 km), and on behalf of the Chamber of SMEs (2 km).

The fund is then distributed to the eight foundations, such as the Indonesian Red Cross to help with disaster relief in Wasior, Mentawai, and Merapi, also to Yayasan Nurani Dunia and William Soeryadjaya Foundation.

This year in July, Sandi plans to re- organize providing such programs Berian Untuk Berbagi. He would follow the Jakarta 10K race or race in Australia. Value of donations per kilometer will be increased to IDR 35-50 million. "But certainly we see the interest of prospective donors friends later," Sandiaga said after Berian and play basketball at Gelora Bung Karno, last Saturday morning.

Although the fund collected is not as big as how much Sandiaga has done, an amateur runner from Bandung, Muara Sianturi once held Jog-a-thon [marathorij jogging where he teaches, Institut Teknologi Harapan Bangsa (ITHB). An activity pursued by the academic community ITHB campus is intended to raise charity for those in need.

The trick, prospective donors must support one or more runners are chosen. The runners were given 60 minutes to circle the field Sabuga that one rotation is 400 meters. The amount of contribution is determined by how many rounds can be completed runners chosen.

"The more rounds I finish, the greater contribution drawn from the donor," said Muara.

As a runner who has participated in various marathons at home and abroad, he won the category of most rounds in 2009 and 2010. Now, Muara still routinely run for charity fundraising, among other Run for Blood, blood donor awareness campaign. "But it’s only a small campaign among runners alone," he said unobtrusively.