The Last Trio Over The Line In Berlin 2012
2013-07-14 23:48:19

Berlin. His 30th marathon seemed to be a real nightmare. After half the race was Lasse Sonesson completely finished and had decided to retire. But he made his life’s marathon and took it to the finish last weekend in Berlin for three part last place after seven hours and six minutes.

Lasse said most marathon runner says he’d never have made it on their own.- But soon after half the race, I met a German woman and then a girl from Indonesia. We helped each other and walked hand in hand through the streets of Berlin.

The trio brought cheers among the spectators. The organizers tried to get the three to break the race – But the German woman was a devil to negotiate. She convinced them that we would be allowed to continue.

7.06 is an unmatched record and perhaps the worst time ever in Berlin Marathons history. When the trio crossed the finish line at 34,348 th place organizers had begun to pack up. But the timing worked out so their results were recorded.

Deva Rachman from Indonesia managed to fix last place in while her and Lasse Sonessons newfound German rivals Angelika Middelhaufe placed honorably at the end of class, power walk.

Lasse Sonesson, 73, is well known in löparkretsar on Osterlen. It was his 23rd race in Berlin in a row and his 30th marathon in his career. He started running marathons when he was just over 50 – My first race I ran in Berlin in 1990 after the Wall came down. It was great when it first became possible to Spinga through the Brandenburg Gate.

Now he thinks he has run his last marathon. – I would certainly think that it is the last race that I run and finish.

He does not really know why it received so much last Sunday in Berlin. – Maybe I’m just from an infection in the body,

Lasse’s daughter Anna Sonesson also ran. She was almost an hour and a half faster than my dad.

Lasse Sonesson’s philosophy has always been run with care. The record in marathon is 4:38. He trains regularly every day.

- It’s fun to run and it is good for health. I want to live a good everyday life in old age, says Lasse Sonesson.