Donation And Blood Donor Of New York Marathon Runners Team For Indonesian Children
2013-02-03 02:40:48

Press Release

Donation and Blood Donor New York Marathon Runners Team for Indonesian Children


Jakarta, February 3, 2013 - As a form of concern for the children and youth in Indonesia, this year, for the umpteenth time the team of Berlari Untuk Berbagi (#berlariberbagi) redistributed awareness through participation in New York Marathon 2012.

The program managed to raise donations that will be distributed to a number of foundations in Indonesia. On this day, as a form of gratitude for the donations that have been achieved, a symbolic donation has been committed to 5 foundations that have previously been helped. In addition, the team of Berlari Untuk Berbagi also urged people donating blood for children with thalassemia in Indonesia. This activity has involved a number of leading businessmen like Anindya N. Bakrie, Sandiaga S. Uno (Founder Berlari Untuk Berbagi), and Teguh Anantawikrama (Chairman Pengda PASI) and 15 other runners from BUB.

Anindya N. Bakrie as the Chief Mission NY Marathon 2012 in a press statement yesterday said that, “Although the Hurricane Sandy has devastated New York and at the time Blomberg released a statement that NY Marathon 2012 was officially cancelled, that did not simply break our spirit to stop running and do the share. On the agreed initiation, on that day we remain committed to keep running in Central Park with the flag of Indonesia. We do this simply for our commitment to foundations that we have promised to help, and we all came in with the name of Indonesia in the context of Indonesian wonderful campaign,” Anin said.

Anin added, a number of facts about the high dropout rates, under-age workers, people with cancer, and thalassemia, is a problem that must be overcome so that the nation's children and youth as the next generation can build nations become more developed, I hope through our social activities in Berlari Untuk Berbagi can do little to overcome these problems.

On the other hand, Veronica Kolondam as the Founder/CEO YCAB as one of 5 foundations beneficiaries expressed gratitude for being trusted again be one of the recipients of the donations from Berlari Untuk Berbagi. Veronica conveyed that donations that have been collected by Kalona Patrick, one of runners in #berlariberbagi who ran and raised donations in NY for YCAB, will be allocated to underprivileged youth’s education and drop out of school in Indonesia through 35 Learning House scattered in 11 provinces in Indonesia. Up to now, that Learning House has been helping teaching 11.918 students since 2003, and last year more than 80% of the graduates have now found a job. Of course with the support of team #berlariberbagi, there will be a lot more underprivileged youth and school dropouts who can have education and become economically independent," she said.

Runners who have run away with a commitment to realize the vision of charity events NY Marathon on 4 November 2012 ago are Patric Kalona who ran for YCAB, Anindya Bakrie who ran for Sekolah Rakyat Bogor, Raty Ning ran for YAI, Shinta Arlan ran for Tuna Ganda Foundation, Amanda Walujo for Tritunggal Orphanage and Teguh Ananta along with 15 other runners ran for Thalassemia Foundation. 

Raty Ning as one runner in #berlariberbagi who have committed to help children through Indonesia Anyo Foundation said, "Running with the charitable vision has brought me euphoria that much different than a regular marathon, our commitment to those people will actually has become a powerful doping for us to remain strong. This is my first 42km marathon and Alhamdulillah in this marathon I’ve successfully raised by 12.5% of the 5 billion budgets needed for the kids Anyo Foundation to build One Day Care Clinic, a clinic that has an International Standards they have been dreaming of. I wish to thank all donors who also had helped leading the kids to their dreams,” added Raty.

Same thing came up from Teguh Anantawikrama who ran in the NY Marathon with 15 other runners to help children with thalassemia. Teguh said, "when our minds goes to the people who have been promised to receive help, that will be our panacea to keep up the spirit until finish, the power of sharing with others is really incredible. Teguh added, sharing with others is not always in a form of tangible property, but the energy, thought, even a drop of blood could be so meaningful to other people. More than 5,000 children with Thalassemia in Indonesia who want to live and need a drop of blood from donors, hopefully all participation given by our friends today in this blood donor could help save our children with thalassemia.