Berlari Untuk Berbagi Attending The Gold Coast Marathon For YCAB
2011-06-24 01:45:04


Berlari Untuk Berbagi will run in the Gold Coast Marathon to YCAB



Jakarta, June 24 2011 – Berlari Untuk Berbagi for the third time raise funds this year to be donated to charity, Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) or Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation was selected as the foundation that will receive the entire social funds collected from the program to make Indonesian adolescents independent. Programs that have been realized since 2009 was an initiative of Sandiaga Uno to give hope for those who come from underprivileged families in various charitable foundations in Indonesia. The program is also expected to inspire and be an invitation for the public to contribute through simple things that become their favorite.

Previously the program was implemented in Singapore (2009) and Jakarta (2010). All funds collected from the social activities are donated to several foundations to deal with victims of natural disasters. This year, Berlari Untuk Berbagi will be held twice, on the 3rd of July in Gold Coast Australia and on the 6th of November in New York USA. Expected from participation in the Gold Coast will be collected funds amounting to IDR 250 million, and then Run to provide matching fund in Sharing the same amount to be donated to YCAB.

"We hope this program will inspire many people to help each other through simple activities that become their favorite. Starting this year, Berlari Untuk Berbagi program will have a unique theme per year. This time we chose Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB) or Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation as a recipient of social funds collected because we want to give hope to children dropping out of school in Indonesia to become economically independent, and have the entrepreneurial spirit," said Sandiaga Uno on the sidelines of a press conference implemented in one of the houses in the neighborhood learn YCAB Duri Kepa, West Jakarta.

                "Leadership and entrepreneurship are two things we need to improve the economy of Indonesia and maximize all the potential and Natural Resources (SDA) that we have. Currently existing entrepreneurs in Indonesia reached 0.18 % of the population, so we have a duty to score at least five million entrepreneurs who could fill development and create jobs. I was optimistic Indonesia can give birth to great entrepreneurs who not only can make Indonesia as the Asian Tigers, but also as one of the major players in the arena of the world economy" he added.

In the press conference, the man who is familiarly called Sandi Uno also took time to teach the topic of entrepreneurship at YCAB learning house. Sandi is also awarded as the 'Indonesian Entrepreneur of the Year' from Enterprise Asia and is deeply pleased to be able to interact directly with the children and the learning house hopes to see more of Indonesia's young entrepreneurs in the future.