Giving Hand To 5 Social Foundations By Running
2012-10-28 02:51:35


Press Release - Tim Pelari Indonesia Ikuti New York City Marathon 2012

2012-10-28 02:51:35

Jakarta, October 28, 2012 – Charity vision of Berlari Untuk Berbagi will be once again realized in intention to help 3 foundations, through the participation in the New York City Marathon 2012. Indonesian runners team who will take part in NYCM 2012, November 4, today is the day for preparation and training along the 21 kilometer route - Monas - Senayan Senayan.

On November 4, a team of Indonesian runners consisting of Anindya Bakrie and about 40 other runners who are members of the community "Berlari Untuk Berbagi" will participate in New York Marathon on behalf of the nation’s name to support the Wonderful Indonesia in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industry. Moreover, according to the charity vision run by Berlari Untuk Berbagi, which is "run for charity" this event also aims to raise funds to be donated to 3 social foundations. They are Anyo Indonesia Foundation, Cinta Anak Bangsa Foundation, Sekolah Rakyat Bogor and Tritunggal Orphanage located in Sumbawa island.

“I am very happy and proud to participate in tomorrow's New York Marathon 2012 along with 40 other runner friends, because in such a prestigious event we were given the opportunity by the Ministry of Tourism to hold the name of the nation to promote Indonesia's rich culture and tourism to foreign visitors there. Besides, it is even more fun that makes us excited to be able to reach the finish later because we’d run not only to carry the name of Indonesia but also to bring social goal by raising donations to help children with cancer and the less-privileged," Anindya Bakrie told a news conference.

Meanwhile, Sandiaga Uno as the Pioneer of Berlari Untuk Berbagi stated, "This year I missed NYCM 2012 but some friends who are members Berlari Untuk Berbagi will be participating in the New York Marathon race, they would run with a noble intention to help the kids out of school as well as less-privileged kids with cancer through three foundations." In the end of his statement, Sandi said, "I believe everyone can contribute to their surroundings, and I hope the charity program by BUB will keep inspiring all parties that the craze could be means to do well."