Paris Marathon 2012
2012-04-18 04:02:47

By: Sandiaga Uno

Sunday, April 15, 2012, wearing vest number 40079, thank God I was able to conquer the Paris Marathon 42.195Km. Joining the other runners from Berlari Untuk Berbagi, Dennis, Bambang Adhi Wijaya and his wife Nina, we managed to cross the finish line located in Paris's Arc de Triomphe. This Paris’ marathon race brings its own story for me, in addition to bringing the charity vision of Berlari Untuk Berbagi (BUB) that is to run to raise donations, this time we are also able to run with a tour to enjoy the beauty of Paris. How could we not be happy, the track that we've been through mostly along the banks of the River Seine and the number of icons of Paris like the Eiffel Tower, Notre - Dame Cathedral, and Place de la Bastille, truly an amazing sight. Start on the Champs - Elysees, and then ran across while enjoying the shady trees on the banks of the River Seine and a variety of fruits and fresh drinks that could be enjoyed on the marathon track, made me and more than 30 thousand runners who came from around the world feel the extraordinary atmosphere with the romance of Paris.

Even the most tempting and made us not become weary is after approximately ¾ distance of marathon running, just right at the Eiffel Tower, the runners could enjoy a cheese that is the specialty of Paris.  What a very memorable experience.

In the 10th minute before the finish, when the finish line at the Arc de Triomhe starting to appear from afar, I could feel such happiness that rushed in my adrenaline to stay spiritful and hurry to get to the finish line. And Alhamdulillah, I made it to 42195 Km in approximately 4 hours 36 minutes. The record is not as good as usual, but I was satisfied because our main purpose was not just run a marathon and crossed the finish line with a good record, but more than that, we follow the vision to help others.

In the current marathon race, we raised funds to help the Foundation Karang Widya or The Learning Farm, a foundation engaged in Indonesian youth empowerment program that helps vulnerable and disadvantaged, in order to become economically independent, through organic farming approaches boarding program.

Alhamdulillah, infinite gratitude we pray to Allah SWT. On the fabulous spring of the city, right on the 15th April 2012, the attempts done brought us good rings. We managed to collect quite a significant donation of 42 miles that we traveled in the Paris Marathon 2012. As planned, donation will be distributed to several charities in Indonesia, including learning support programs of The Learning Farm for 800 pre-prosperous youth aged 16-24 years, who came from various cities in Indonesia.

We also bid infinite gratitude to the donors who have supported the charity program Berlari Untuk Berbagi. Hopefully we will continue to keep doing good things in health, longevity, and the blessing of sustenance, in order to continue to contribute to help others through BUB program that is to be held on the next race events. Amin YRA.