Call For Donation Tokyo Marathon 2014
2014-01-23 10:06:52

Dear Berlari Untuk Berbagi Donors,

Our less than ideal social services and law enforcement capacity bring a wide range of social issues in this country, namely human trafficking, illegal drug use and trade, and sexual exploitation of children. Therefore, we need strategies to prevent and mitigate these crimes of humanity by giving proper training to teachers and young parents about early childhood education (ECE) and early parenting programs.

These programs are deemed strategic and relatively easy. Hughes International Foundation, which has been designated by the governments ECE ambassador, has founded 26 ECE and 6 branches of ECE tutor community in Sumatra, Java and Bali, and has proven that early
childhood education and parenting programs have given significant answers to today's social challenges. A change in the teachers and parents behaviors have been noticed and are expected to influence the future of the children under their care.

Berlari untuk Berbagi as a running lovers' community that has charitable mission, through its participation in the 2014 Tokyo Marathon, is raising funds to support ECE programs in Indonesia, by giving teachers training and building ECE centers in the coastal
villages along Java's northern coastal highway (Pantura).

Why Pantura? A Berlari untuk Berbagi survey found that the northern coastal highway is a hot spot for child trafficking in Indonesia because of the high traffic volume of trucks, buses, shipping containers, and ships, coupled with the lack of persuasive and effective nurturing from teachers and parents.

We need to act now. Imagine what will happen to these children in 10 years if nothing is done now?

So we are asking for your generosity to support our efforts through the 2014 Tokyo Marathon fundraising, together with the Hughes International Foundation, to take part in saving this nation's future generation by improving the capacity of teachers and parents, and helping to build early childhood education centers in the villages along Java's northern coastal highway.

You may transfer your donation directly to Hughes Foundation:

Account no. BNI Cab Dukuh Bawah, No 8888088089

Account name Yayasan Dewi Hughes International.


May your helping hand, every step we take, and every drop of sweat, turn into a blessing for those who need it most.

Thanks and Best Regards,

Berlari untuk Berbagi Runners