Souvenirs From Berlin Marathon 2013
2013-10-07 23:39:06

Before I begin the story of The Asiks at the 40th Berlin Marathon, let us equate minds about a few things first.

  1. The marathon course is 42.195KM, as an illustration, imagine running from Senen, Central Jakarta to Kemang in South Jakarta back and forth. So you should no longer ask "Oh marathon, how many meters is that?" When there is somebody around you who expressed his intention to run a marathon.
  2. Oh! Also please do not give comments like "I hope you win!" or "Oh yeah hopefully you’re gonna be the champ!" Unless you’re currently seeing the famous world’s champions from Kenya or Ethiopia standing in front of you. 


Ok, let's start.

We are Raty Ning, Amanda Walujo, Alice Budisatrijo, Esther Parapak, Viga Nasution and Melissa Karim. The six of us are Asiks who are part of Berlari Untuk Berbagi. The newly held 40th Berlin Marathon on the 29th September 2013 was our first official marathon (unfortunately Amanda eventually didn’t make it to do the run because of a knee injury a month before the the day) - confetti - but actually six of us had run in New York Marathon Run Anyway 2012, circled Central Park four times since the actual marathon was not run due to SandyHurricane that hit New York in the previous week.

The motto of Berlin Marathon that is written on the medal might represent the contents of our hearts and the most long-distance runners, Run Once, Run Forever.

Our love of the long-distance running is actually difficult to put into words, you may have to try and experience it for yourself. And do not ever say not possible before trying, especially if you are a woman who could be shopping from malls open until the mall closed, rest assured you are able to complete a marathon.

To finish, it was our biggest goal. After 18 weeks of exercise in togetherness, quoting Raty uni, so Raty Ning used to be called, "Start by running sloooooooowly, quiet slow, and take it easy.” To all could go to Berlin, we help each other mentally, physically, financially, or carefully.

You don’t want to ask for more about it when six cool women congregating.

We really enjoyed our time together, our sisterhood, perhaps this is where our strength, in contrast to the other runners who enjoy the marathon as an individual sport, although we have our own targets to achieve in running. In the KM 30, the calf muscles and plantar already screaming sore, imagining tonight we will celebrate our pain joyfully, together! So we kept moving, trotting to eliminate the desire not to finish, along with thousands other runners.

Plus, this year Raty Ning and Esther Parapak, ran to share the message of generosity brought by a lot of friends who have been raising funds for the 3 foundation they helped, only to get to the finish line. So it should be done, should be up!

One week has passed since the 29th of September 2013, leg pain started to fade away, the marathon trauma also gradually forgotten, the only thing that’s still remembered among us was how much fun we had together on the race track in the previous week.

A spiritual journey filled with pleasing delicious meal, laughter as the best medicine, learning to control the mind than the body, ran to the social mission of bringing the mandate of friends who have donated funds and most importantly, confidence will never be forgotten, that we made it, we have finished it. Surely we didn’t make a new world record of 2 hours 3 minutes for 42.195KM who inscribed on this marathon, but in heart, for all the episodes of the life to come, we believe that we can, we finish it.

P.S. We did not lose weight over a marathon, it's a myth! If you drink and eat and run like we do, be grateful if you only gained extra 2 over a marathon trip.


Your humble finishers