Story Behind My First Marathon
2013-06-20 00:30:39

By: Mario Androetti

No one is left behind. That’s what made me moved about this Bali Marathon 2013.

I really like sports, but it has never crossed my mind that I was able to do a 42 km marathon my entire life.

It all started at first with my friends in the community of Berlari Untuk Berbagi, ONP and Asiks which has traditionally often shared their experience about how thrilling marathon and triathlon are that they got me inspired and encouraged to try to run. At that time the nearest marathon was this Bali Marathon.

I immediately enrolled for a class of half and full marathon, in which the class I'm going to attend will depend on how ready I am to run a race. At that time, my friends from ONP Asiks has planned to only run a 10k and half marathon race. But surprisingly they suddenly changed their minds and decided to run a full marathon instead to accompany me and Andi Rantau running a marathon for the very first time. Hehehe.

To be honest my preparation was not enough to keep up a full marathon since a month before I had completed my first triathlon in Bintan with friends in our community Asiks ONP. But the confidence remained bolder since the encouragement and enthusiasm continually given by friends who will run with me in Bali Marathon.

Then there the day came. We started it with some warming ups led by bro Nano and shouts “KOMANDO.” As soon as we’re done the run began promptly at 5 am. Together we passed the starting line up in km3, we paused the run to do the dawn prayer in congregation. According to information we’ve got from bro Arlan who had participating a marathon in the last year that the field of Bali Marathon distance is very hard get through due to the climbs and downs. Until Km23 passed with very happy because jokes from friends throughout the run. After KM 23, the calf started cramping along with the thigh muscle at KM 25. I felt relieved when mas Bambang Adhi, Billy and Arlan decided to keep running ahead while I had to pause to eliminate cramps. Coach Fakhrol stayed with me and taught the some combination strategies of running and brisk walking even I had my feet massaged by him while getting severe cramps at KM 30.

After passing KM 30 coach Fakhrol had to run to catch his own finish target. But right at KM40 suddenly there a police car approached. For a moment there I was surprised because I think it was my fault so I started to wondering, yet it all disappear as coach Fakhrol came out of the car. He went back again to run with me after the finish to accompany and give me support.

At KM 41.7 apparently mas Bambang Adhi, Arlan and Billy had been waiting for us. I was very touched to know that they’re willing to give us their time so that we cold finish the race together. I then stopped there to wait for the next group. After about 13 minutes, chief Sandi showed up while accompanying a runner who had severe cramps. After a pause we continued running slowly toward the finish line and jump over the finish line simultaneously. What a very touching moment when all the friends who accompanied congratulated and hugged me.

Thank you Allah for the strength that You have given. To coach Fakhrol, Arlan, Mas Bambang Adhi, Billy, chief Sandiaga Uno, coach Indra Uno, Manov, Andi Rantau and all my friends in ONP and Asiks who have inspired and realize the hopes of many people through “Berlari Untuk Berbagi,” thank you for the brotherhood. Keep running, keep sharing. Love you guys

To my best friends Gita, Benny, Rendy and Amel. Thanks for waiting for me at the finish line since you finished half marahon.

Hopefully this story can be an inspiration for all of you. I've proved that the spirit of togetherness and support of friends around us can provide power beyond our means.

The End......