Bali Marathon 2013
2013-06-19 00:28:28

By: Raty Ning

This time marathon we’re not bringing the theme 'personal best' but 'no one is left behind.'

Two friends of mine from Berlari Untuk Berbagi, Mario and Andi Rantau, will run a marathon for the first time and paramarathon veterans has agreed to escort them to the finish. Groups were divided into 2 groups based on the estimated time.

Apparently it turned out be a difficult race arena that made these two runners cramps already since the KM15. The other friends were still there escorting and waiting for them patiently. Some of the runners who almost reach the finish (about 500 meters to go) from the group decided to take a break and wait for another 45 minutes so that they could reach the finish together with Mario, and those who have had reached the finish went back to the track to looked for Mario and ran together with him.

Meanwhile, there was coach Indra patiently escorting Andi Rantau from group 2. Andi has been incapable to run anymore since the KM37 because he has beaten up his feet and they decided to walk to the inish accompanied by Manov even though the field officer had asked them to ride in the bus since it has exceeded the cut-off time at the moment.

In the end, the committee who wore a short with the name “last man” came over to escort them along with the medical, timing official and the other officers.

They were finally welcomed by fellows who have patiently waited for them since the race has had started.

Marathon is far bigger than personal best. It's about commitment, patience and perseverance and in this case, brotherhood.

Thank you Coach Indra, Coach Fakhrol, Chief Sandi, Arlan, Billy Manov, Didot and all BUB runners for the inspiration. Keep on running, and inspiring others.

I'm proud to be a member of 'Berlari Untuk Berbagi' family.

* Congrats again for the first time marathon finishers: Mario, Andi Rantau and Pak Makdel

* Adapted from the writings of Coach Indra, thanks