A Memorable Marathon Dedicated To Brotherhood
2013-06-18 00:25:06

By: Indra Uno (runner Berlari Untuk Berbagi)


Unlike the previous marathons, this time instead of looking for Personal Best we have another reason.

My fellows in Berlari Untuk Berbagi for the first time are feeling determined to reach the finish line at 42.195 kilometers. Some friends agreed to escort from start to finish.

At the time of 5 o'clock Bali time, the dawn has not even appeared yet. Just in the second kilometer we stopped and set up a dawn prayer in congregation in the grass on the roadside. Continue to run 15 kilometers in accordance with the chosen pace to finish within 6 hours. After the water station, we found out that my friend was not able to keep on running anymore because she had cramps in the back of her thigh.

Then I accompanied her awhile when other friends eventually passed on. There we were two.

After walking and running we arrived at the medical tent at kilometer 23. Medics really helped my friend to compress the legs with ice. Apparently her cramps got worse so at kilometer 26, we stopped again at a medical tent.

The walking portion had increased since then due to the injury.

Until we reached the kilometer 37, my friend’s feet finally could only be used to walk. Not so long after that we got approached by an outreach worker who said that a few minutes later the timer at the finish line will be shut down and we were asked to take a bus to the finish line.

We refused and said it was okay if we can’t get the end of time, but my friend said something in opposite.

Finally we were allowed to walk the finish and even the committees were also there accompanying us. They all had names on their shirts "last man", timing Officials, medical staff, police officers and other ground vehicles.  We didn’t expect that even the timing officer was also there walking with us.

And right before the finish line timer has lifted 00:00:00 which means it is already turned off. We were greeted happily by fellows from Berlari Untuk Berbagi. I saw my friend's face that looked all teary there. Time on my clock shows the time of 7 hours 30 minutes, was actually 30 minutes longer than the cutoff time. But she was happy. That is all that matters.


#Thanks Manov who walked the last 5k together, thanks Sandi for the idea of "no one left behind", thanks Andi for not giving up 'till the finish line. Thanks Berlari Untuk Berbagi and keep on inspiring others to give. I have been blessed to have experienced this.