UI Marathon 2013
2013-05-28 00:23:17

Berlari Untuk Berbagi was extremely pleased and proud to participate and support the dreams of our youth in Mapala UI to preserve the environment in the cleaning and greening of Ciliwung River. The program that has been initiated through UI Marathon in 2013 was called River Adoption, which is a program that aims to improve the quality of Ciliwung River for the better environment. In this UI Marathon, each runner who follows Run Foriver Half Marathon will donate 1 seed to be planted and cared for 3 years by Mapala UI in June 2013. In this social action, Berlari Untuk Berbagi donates more than 10,000 seeds to be planted in the Ciliwung river headwaters. Hopefully Ciliwung can provide substantial benefits to the people of Jakarta in the future